Is your sales strategy aligning church teams around your solution?

Is your sales strategy
your solution?
Aligning whole teams vs. just the senior pastor has been a game changer!
Michael Lukaszewski
We tripled lead generation with Bleat. It was our all-time high!
Morgan Mudge
Founder/Vice President
Hot leads—ready to sign up and talk—that’s priceless!
Bart Rendel
Founder/Vice President

The only assessment platform that helps you align entire church teams toward action and around your solution

How effectively are you aligning church teams around your solution?

Take this 3-minute test to find out how you’re aligning and where you can improve.
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How Bleat aids alignment

Invite team members

Invite every member on your team  and view their responses on a single group dashboard.

Get a team dashboard

See every team member’s response and a cumulative score on a live dashboard.

Customize with dynamic results

Select from 5 layout options to display results that fit your assessment best.

Get optimized UX/UI

Double your completions with assessments designed to engage users at every step.

Make it your own

Get a white-labeled assessment where every element reflects your brand.

Secure your data

Protect data in a secure back office that is only accessibleby you and your teams.

Done-With-You (DWY)

We work with you right from drafting the right questions to setting up your emails.


How Bleat boosts conversions

Our marketing funnels became 2x more effective

I now
know exactly what church
teams need to convert,
which has helped us personalize marketing funnels and double engagement.
Michael Lukaszewski

Bleat tripled our lead conversions

We love the results and our relationship with the team! Our assessments tripled our leads and
gave us a clear view of
really want!
Morgan Mudge
Founder/Vice President

Bleat doubled my reach

I highly recommend creating an assessment with Bleat.
I’ve created two
with them, which have
helped me
reach a wider
Peter Greer
President and CEO

Get the only tool with a team view to facilitate alignment and increase sales

What you get
Identify key decision makers to customize your follow-up
Multiply your hottest leads and reduce your sales cycle
A done-with-you service where you’re not building this alone
A white-labeled product that is yours to own



For individuals building their first assessment


For teams upgrading existing assessments


For multiple assessments with benchmarking data

Team-view assessment

Content here

Facilitate alignment with a team-view assessment.
Custom colors & logo

Content here

Make it your own with your brand colors and logo.
Secure backoffice

Content here

Access details of each participant in your backoffice.
Data exports

Content here

Have data readily available with exportable CSV files.
Troubleshooting system

Content here

Let users report issues directly to the Bleat team.
A/B testing options

Content here

Build the most effective assessment by testing versions.
Pause screens

Content here

Encourage users by adding screens in between questions.
Font customization

Content here

Reflect your brand with custom fonts.
No. of questions

Content here

Generate the right results by asking the right questions.
Max 20
No. of categories

Content here

Offer better user experience by grouping questions.
Max 5
Question format

Content here

Present questions in a format that fits your needs.
Likert scale (most popular)
3 formats:  Likert scale, Radio buttons, Open-ended questions
All 3 + Custom
Result representation

Content here

Display results in a format suited for your assessment.
Temperature scale (most popular)
5 templates: Temperature scale, Personality scale, Spider web graph, Bar graph, Scatter plot
All 5 + Custom
Live team dashboard

Content here

Show detailed team results on a live dashboard.
For leaders only (First participant)
For leaders only (First participant)
Leaders + Team members

Content here

Set a scoring system suitable for your assessment.
Confirmation Emails

Content here

Send automated confirmation emails on completions.

Content here

Transfer data with seamless integrations to third-party tools.
Backoffice Only
3 Integrations: Backoffice, Google sheets, ActiveCampaign
All 3 + Custom

Got questions? We’re here to help.

How is Bleat different from other solutions?
What kind of assessments have you built so far?
Did you build this tool or is this built by someone else?
What’s included in the done-with-you service?
Can we customize our assessments?
How long would it take for us to launch the assessment?
Will there be upgrades available for our assessments?
How much does this cost again?
What does the sign up process include?
How secure is the data?
Who owns the data?

How effectively are you aligning church teams around your solution?

Take this 3-minute test to find out how you’re aligning and where you can improve.
Take the test